Welcome to Inertial Nowmentum

Posted by JP on Feb 10, 2019  •  Comments  • 

The first post here is to spell out what Inertial Nowmentum is going to be about. Mainly, the focus is to achieve a better understanding of the future of America if it does not get healthy. It is not easy to solve because - Behavior and Motivation - is never easy to solve. So, that is the ongoing plan here.

This is a "Retro" website in as much as it won't be as snazzy on the web design as others. That it is a work in progress, a starting point, much like Health & Life Improvement is. Other pages will get setup soon enough.

At this point, I want to share 3 slides on development that can help today. The wisdom comes from Bruce Lee & Peter Drucker, both masters in their respective endeavors. The ideas are simple - you must know what matters and what you can improve upon. There is too countervailing arguments - knowing what to stop, based off knowing the direction and additional productivity and encouragement one receives in pursuing a said action. Lee was speaking to the physiological and psychological realms, whereas Drucker was discussing businesses and managerial functions. Those two "fields of study" though work together - taking that which is useful from both concepts.